Meet Deadlines, Lower Costs

Using DroneDeploy software

  • Helps contractors deliver winning bids that optimize profitability. 

  • Estimate the costs of projects more precisely with drone surveys & existing site condition analyses

  • Plan sites using high-resolution and recent maps to plan accurately

  • Differentiate bid packets with pre-site condition surveys, aerial imagery, and more precise estimates

  • Drone maps & 360 videos help ensure teams are following proper safety protocols and site conditions are documented

  • Progress reports, an easily, highly digestible deliverable to keep teams aligned

  • Earthworks to help keep subcontractors accountable

  • Reports to highlight any areas interior or exterior that need to be fixed 

  • Visual data to help workers deliver high-quality as-builts to owners

  • Keep stakeholders happy with the latest progress updates

  • Coordinate job sites with aerial and ground-based views in real time 

  • Catch costly mistakes early with drawing comparisons

  • Validate subcontractors’ work, keeping them honest with accurate earthwork measurements and as-builts

  • Make change order requests crystal-clear with pictures and other media




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